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Rock and Recharge at Rock Spa Panama

Rock Spa at Our Panama City Spa Hotel

If it’s been a hard day’s night, relax and rejuvenate at our decadent Rock Spa. Our on-site spa offers signature Hard Rock swagger in a sophisticated and modern spa environment, catering to your every need. You can also take advantage of our full-service spa menu offered right in your suite. Whether you need a post-party facial or a poolside massage, you’re already on our VIP list.

Hard Rock Hotel is the best of Panama City spa hotels, with a huge menu of signature massages, baths, body treatments, facials, and other beauty services. There’s something for every member of the family with treatments designed specifically for men, women, kids, and teens.

Spa Specials

  • Rhythm & Motion (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Swedish (35, 65, or 90 minutes)
  • Deep Tissue (35, 65, or 90 minutes)
  • Shantala (kids - 15, 25, or 30 minutes)
  • Crystal (holisitco - 65 or 90 minutes)
  • Ahyanga (55 minutes)
  • Samumprai (65 or 90 minutes)
  • Prenatal (35 or 55 minutes)
  • Shirodhara (90 minutes)
  • Thai (90 minutes)

Lose track with a musical massage that takes you away from the world for a while. A masterfully blended sound track, take you on a experiential journey, in sync with a personalized performance of techniques, pressure and rhythm.

This treatment is infused with your choice of natural organic essential oils to reduce stress, ease muscle tension, and detoxify. You have never felt the music quite like this.

  • Algae (65 minutes)
  • Mud (65 minutes)
  • Cotton/Bamboo (65 minutes)
  • Foot Washing Ritual (35 minutes)


Body Treatments
  • Moroccan Cocoon (90 minutes)
  • Salt Glow Exfoliation (45 minutes)
  • Seaweed Wrap (65 minutes)
  • Mud Wrap (65 minutes)
  • Rassoul Mud Wrap (65 minutes)
  • Reducing Algae Wrap (70 minutes)
  • Algae Wrap & Aromatic Algae Bathe (90 minutes)
  • Reducing Mud Wrap (90 minutes)
  • O2 Wrap with Algae or Mud (90 minutes)
  • Teen Body Wraps (65 minutes)
  • Anti-Aging Wrap 
  • Anti-Radical Mint-Lavendar Treatment (90 minutes)
  • Citrus Moisturizing (90 minutes)
  • Anti-Aging Caviar (90 minutes)
  • Lifting/Regenerating (90 minutes)
  • Rock Spa Coffee Berry (90 minutes)
  • Deep Cleansing (90 minutes)
Oxygen Facial Treatments
  • O2 Quench (90 minutes)
  • O2 Rosacea (90 minutes)
  • O2 Expression Lines (90 minutes)
  • O2 Acne (90 minutes)
  • O2 Neck & Hands (90 minutes)
  • O2 for Him (90 minutes)
  • His Skin (65 minutes)
Teens & Kids' Facials
  • Cleansing for Young Divas (65 minutes)
  • Blemish B-Gone (65 minutes)
  • Cleansing for Young Rock Stars (65 minutes)
  • Blemish B-Gone for Boys (65 minutes)
  • Rock Star Facials for Kids (30 minutes)
  • Chroma Moisturizing (90 minutes)
  • Chroma De-Pigmentation (90 minutes)
  • Chroma Acne (90 minutes)
  • Chroma Smile Lines (90 minutes)
Other Beauty Services

  • Hi-Tech Treatments Detoxifying Sessions (90 minutes)
  • Electro Serial Size Reduction Program (13 sessions)
  • Tanning (10 minutes average)
  • Rejuvenation (10 minutes average)

Smooth Operator

50mins. Retune your skin and rock your soul with a two-part treatment that takes the old away and invites new nourishing elements in. It starts with a rhythmical Sweetgress inspired dry brushing, a ritual that softly sloughts rough skin away.

It concludes with a soothing detoxifying wrap, to release toxins, hydrate, and smooth the skin. Wrapping it up on a high note.

Face the Music

50 or 80 mins. Every rock star needs a little rehab once in a while. This treatment brings the therapeutic benefits of sound vibration and clinically proven organic products to rejuvenate and hydrate facial skin.

This journey leaves skin smoothed and refreshed, shedding years and restoring a star-worthy glow.

Wrap Remix

110min. This is the ultimate healing experience that warms you up, wraps you in bliss and ends with a sweet finish. For the full body benefit, this treatment begins with a cleansing shot of gringer tea to jumpstart the detox process, followed by a brisk, rhythmical Sweetgrass inspired dry brushing.

A detoxifying wrap nourishes you skin, while you enjoy the benefits of a cleansing facial mask, a 50 minute massage completes the treatment. A refreshing shot of Rock Spa Detox Tea.


  • 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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