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Hard Rock Dining at On-Site Restaurants in Panama City

No Hard Rock vacation would be complete without a few trips to our signature restaurants. We invite you to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Panama City, conveniently located right within Hard Rock Hotel Panama Megapolis. Choose from four full service restaurants open seven days a week or grab a bite to go from The Juice Bar or Express-O. From Soy, where you can enjoy an authentic taste of Pan-Asian flavors, to Tauro, where you can satisfy any primal craving, you’ll love all that Hard Rock dining has to offer.

Soy... delicious! Discover exotic Peruvian and Japanese flavors in a unique atmosphere with Soy’s inspired fusion menu, paired with a specialty cocktail from the Sake and Pisco Bar. Go raw with fresh, flavorful sushi or browse the menu for more Peruvian dishes.
  • Location: Floor AS1
  • Phone: +507 380.1112

Give into your primal side and enjoy a juicy entree from Tauro, our on-site steakhouse. Tauro is an exciting interpretation of the classic steakhouse-with a French twist. Enjoy world-class signature steaks and market-fresh seafood, right in the heart of Panama City.

  • Location: Floor AS1
  • Phone: +507 380.1112


At Hard Rock, we believe in everything in moderation. Luckily, that includes moderation itself. At Bazaar, our all-you-can-eat buffet dining option, take your appetite on a worldwide tour, featuring the most exciting array of epicurean delights.

  • Location: Floor AS2
  • Phone: +507 380.1112


Enjoy authentic flavors in a lively atmosphere when you gather your favorite people around a table for some delicious tapas or pizza at Ciao. Ciao is the perfect spot to share a relaxed meal over shared plates in a contemporary, informal atmosphere.

  • Location: Floor M1
  • Phone: +507 380.1112
Juice Bar

The great Mick Jagger once said, "Might as well get juiced." We couldn't agree more. At The Juice Bar, you can choose from a huge variety of fruits and veggies to create the perfect drink to help you recharge before you head out to explore Panama City or after a night of partying. Give yourself a boost with a healthy beverage from The Juice Bar, located on the 14th floor Spa level.

  • Location: Floor AS3
  • Phone: +507 380.1112

Welcome to Panama, home to some of the finest coffee in the world. Express-O, our convenient on-site coffee shop, offers a premium selection of gourmet beverages to keep you amped while on the go.

  • Location: Floor M1
  • Phone: +507 380.1112

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